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What Happens With Your Body When You Combine Your Coffee with Cigarettes

Both coffee and cigarettes are stimulants, but while one thing is restricting the flow of blood, the other accelerates and increases it. In common combination additionally burdens the heart.

The coffee is a drink that if not often consumed on an empty stomach it does not harm your body. While the harmfulness of cigarettes is commonly known.
Larger doses of coffee with time may decrease bone density, but if you enter about 1000 mg of calcium every day and want to drink coffee, you have no reason for concern.

The caffeine needs about one hour to take effect (maybe less if your stomach is empty) and its effect lasts for four to six hours. Coffee helps in boosting alertness and increases blood pressure, but if consumed in large amounts, you can become nervous, sleepy, dehydrated and tired.

On the other hand, by the inhalation of cigarette smoke, it damages your central nervous system, blood sugar levels rise, blood vessels are shrinking and the arteries are getting damaged.

Nutritionists explain that coffee acidifies the body, and in combination with cigarettes, it is even higher acidity, and further destroys the stomach. Remember to drink the first morning coffee half an hour before breakfast.

Both coffee and cigarettes are stimulants, with different effects to the kidneys and heart. The body starts to work against itself and creates an environment for a disproportionate loss of energy and the development of depression that causes physiological and psychological desire to continue the consumption of coffee and cigarettes. Thus increasing dependence on these two things.

If you want to prevent all this, experts advise to start exercising or to increase the intensity of your training.

Source: http://www.thehealthyarchive.info/

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